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Social Media Management

Meet new customers and make friends with them online

It’s about making friends and building trust and its value in the modern marketing mix cannot be overstated.

Social media as part of your marketing strategy is constantly growing in importance  – and the number of platforms is growing too.

The relative importance of the platforms is constantly changing too, so how do you know where best to focus your efforts?

We know social media and we monitor the landscape constantly. 

In summary, first we will:

  • set strategic goals
  • analyse trends
  • track performance

Then we :

  • create compelling content designed to attract followers
  • schedule publication on chosen platforms
  • manage your paid advertising campaigns

Getting your community engaged includes:

  • responding to messages in your corporate voice
  • moderating communities
  • running promotions
  • working with your internal teams
  • building relationships with appropriate influencers 

At every step of the way we track performance and check results, making adjustments along the way.

If you need to start working with social media or you need to give your existing efforts a boost, you can talk to us for a free consultation.

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