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A Bit About Gain Digital Ltd

Once Upon A Time…

If years of experience counts for anything — as older people might have you believe — we, as a company, stand in a very strong position. A senior member of our staff was involved in the development of one of the first commercial web sites. This was around 1994 and it was an internal project for BT.

Of course a lot has changed since then but we’ve been commercially involved in the Internet in one way or another for the duration and have a wealth of knowledge and experience as a result.

The industry has had a lot of mainly incremental advances which gradually moved computing from the desktop then the company server and then to the cloud. The launch of Google’s Chromebook, which is essentially a laptop running just a web browser signalled the maturity of cloud services. You can do everything in the cloud. There are numerous niche applications which don’t suit the cloud at the moment but it’ll likely change.


AI has been discussed for years with few people having any idea of when or how it would appear. There were hints here and there with companies claiming that this service or that feature was backed by AI but nothing transformational.

Then in November 2022, OpenAI announced ChatGPT and everything changed. Google quickly followed with Bard, which soon became Gemini and then a number of other services appeared. 

Gain Digital Ltd. was formed to capitalise on this AI revolution and use it to streamline and empower digital marketing in practical ways. When used properly, AI is an amazing tool and is at the core of our services, meaning greater efficiencies, more powerful insights and better performance across our full range of services. 

So who’s the guy in the picture and on our home page?

This is Flint. He’s our friendly welcoming face and he’s a lovely guy. 

He’s AI generated.


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