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Reputation Management

Reputation is everything but it can be fragile

People are constantly forming opinions about your brand based on social media, experiences, rumours and news sources.

A single unfavourable rumour can ripple and be amplified having disproportionate effects.

Reputation management is about proactively monitoring and protecting your true reputation so that damaging rumours meet balanced and accurate information to reduce and eliminate their effects.

Our involvement with social media means that we are a key partner to work with.

  • We monitor the landscape.
  • Identify and address possible threats.
  • Build positive relationships and create advocates.
  • Boost favourable online presence. 

Your brand is your reputation and is a very valuable asset so don’t underestimate the importance of protecting it.

It is better to start monitoring the performance of your brand before you need to take action so talk to us now about how we can help. Arrange a free consultation.


Possibly Hypothetical Scenario

This may be based on real-world events to illustrate the value of timely and appropriate intervention.


Brand: A popular clothing brand known for its inclusivity and progressive values.

Slur: An employee uses a racial slur towards a customer in an online interaction.

Initial Response: The brand initially ignores the incident or issues a generic apology lacking accountability.


Community outrage: The customer shares the interaction on social media, sparking outrage and accusations of hypocrisy against the brand.

Loss of trust: Consumers feel betrayed by the brand’s inaction, and many boycott their products.

Media scrutiny: The incident receives negative media coverage, further damaging the brand’s reputation.

Financial losses: Sales decline significantly due to lost trust and the boycott.


Prompt action is crucial: Brands must address offensive incidents immediately and transparently.

Apology needs accountability: Apologies should acknowledge the specific offense, express genuine remorse, and outline concrete steps to prevent similar incidents.

Values matter: Consumers hold brands accountable for their stated values. Inconsistent actions can lead to severe consequences.

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